Welcome to the Smart Farms Knowledge Center

This part of the Smart-farms website is dedicated to our learning modules.  All of the modules are freely accessible and will lead you through some of the most important things we have learned from developing, installing and maintaining sensor networks for nursery and greenhouse production systems.  

Clicking on a link in the table will take you to an individual module which will provide you with a number of pages on that topic.  The complete module can also be downloaded as a PDF document.

We are focused on providing information for three groups of users:

  1. Owners (or decision-makers), who want to find out exactly what benefits a sensor network might provide, and some examples of return on investment with these systems.
  2. Irrigation Managers (or practitioners), who want to find out what it takes to install and maintain sensor networks. Also perhaps as importantly, where exactly to place sensors (in the plant root zone) and some strategies to maximize the utility of sensor networks in a large nursery operation
  3. Consultants and students, who want to learn how to use the software tools that are available, and interpret the data for devising new irrigation monitoring and control strategies.

If you have any suggestions for improvement or additional modules, please email us at waternut@gmail.com

Before You Invest Your Existing Irrigation Installation Tools
Why is this Project Important? Basic Irrigation Concepts All About Sensors ECH2O Utility Software
What is a Sensor Network? Irrigation System Design Weather Stations DataTrac (Monitoring) Software
Costs and Benefits Irrigation System Audits Sensor Installation and Calibration Using Sensorweb (Control) Software
Environmental Benefits   Network Installations Interpreting Sensor Data
    System Maintenance and Troubleshooting